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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What credit cards do you accept?
Knollwood Village accepts VISA, MASTERCARD & American Express for lot rents, home leases, mortgages  and most payments related to the
mobile home community.

Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Yes, most cats and dogs are permitted; however, Community regulations do restrict pet numbers and size as well as certain pet breeds and classes.
Please review the pet section of "Knollwood Village Regulations & Guidelines"

Q. How much do lots rent for?
A. Our current rate for 50' X 100' lots is $250 to $270 per month. Ask management for availability of specially sized lots and courtesy discounts.

Q. Does the lot rent include any utilities?
A. No. Tenants are responsible for their own utility payments. 

Q. How much is the deposit?
A. The security deposit amount is equal to the monthly rent charge. 

Q. Who can do my “hook-up” ?
A. Residents are responsible for their own utility connections and repairs. 
All water, sewer, and gas connections must be performed by a licensed plumber.
All electrical connections must be performed by a licensed electrician. From time to time, Knollwood Management may offer a discounted hook-up service to new residents.

Q. Does the community have a city water and sewer system or a septic system?
Knollwood Village water and sewer utility services are provided from the City of Sherman, submetered and billed by the City of Knollwood.

Q. Do you have a seniors-only section? Can I have a lot that won’t have any children nearby? I want to be in a quiet area.
Knollwood Village does not restrict residents based on age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or familial status; however, all prospective adult residents are screened for criminal history prior to approval. Knollwood Village guidelines are written to ensure peace, quiet and “good neighbor” relations prevail in all areas of Knollwood Village.

Q. Do you take RV’s or Park Model Campers?
A. We currently have one lot designated for RV use. The rent is $350 per month, including electric, water, and lot maintenance. It does not include cable. Please contact management to ascertain availability of this lot. Additionally, we have a storage lot for residents’ RV’s or campers. Use of the storage lot is free of charge, but there are some restrictions.

Q. Do you require skirting on homes?
A. All homes shall be properly skirted, using industry standard skirting material, within 6 weeks of being placed.  Wood skirting or metal skirting must be painted and properly maintained and kept neat in appearance at all times.

Do you allow fences, storage buildings and carports?
A. All fence, deck, carport, and storage or other building construction requires that a written Construction Permit Application (forms are available at the Office) be submitted and approved by Management before any construction is performed. Fencing is encouraged but wire fencing is restricted to chain link and picket fencing is restricted to 4 foot hight limit except around patio areas.  Specific guidelines can be found in our Regulations and Guidelines.

Q. Who takes care of my yard maintenance?
A. Residents are responsible for maintaining their own yards according to
KnollwoodVillage guidelines. If desired, KnollwoodVillage management can take care of your yard maintenance and add a surcharge to your rent account each time the service is performed.
Q. Will I be permitted to have a garden or do special landscaping?
A. Attractive yard landscaping is encouraged; however, some restrictions apply.  Plants that pose a hazard, such as thorny bushes or shrubs, poisonous plants or flowers are not permitted; and Management reserves the right to require their removal.  Management may also require removal of any plant that interferes with traffic, or access to utilities, or presents any other problems to the community.  Therefore, it is recommended that you submit your landscaping plans to Management for approval before you begin planting. 

Q. Are satellite dishes permitted? Is cable service available?
Residents are permitted to install a satellite dish on their lot provided the dish does not exceed 24” in diameter. Television and internet Cable service is available through several area providers.

Q. Is there door-to-door trash pick-up?
A. The City of
Knollwood does not have a door- to-door trash pick up service.  Therefore, trash dumpsters are located for residents’ use near the Community Management office.  Trash bags are not permitted on your lot outside of your home at any time.

Q. Where will I receive my mail?
Knollwood Village does have door-to-door mail service. Each resident is responsible for installing their own mailbox according to Knollwood Village guidelines. 

Knollwood Village Mobile Home Community

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